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What is DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen?

A full-service interior home improvement franchise that builds a better business.

Dale Ressler loved remodeling work — heart, mind and soul. His body, however, was starting to beg for mercy. After 15 years, his shoulders were worn out. When a surgeon repaired them, he also made clear: Dale was going to need to spend the next 15 years doing something different than slinging drywall, plywood and 2x4s. Dale’s solution: a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen home improvement franchise.

“DreamMaker had the systems to help me work myself into a completely management role,” he says. It also had the vendor relationships that would lower the cost of materials and allow him to enjoy higher margins. “It was all stuff I couldn’t do on my own.”

Nearly a decade later, Dale’s DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise in Bainbridge, PA, is going strong.

“There are a lot of remodelers just working out of a truck who can do the work, but the experience we give the customer sets us apart,” he says. “We do really good quality work, but the process and relationship we build with clients is what sets us apart.”

How DreamMaker builds a better home improvement franchise

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a full-service interior home improvement franchise that helps remodelers have the ability to earn higher profits while also improving their quality of life. We do it by providing business systems, vendor relationships, financial and pricing systems, group buying power, marketing tools, training, coaching and fellowship. The result: Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers — and much, much higher customer satisfaction. The margin is key, because a well-known fact for professionals in the remodeling industry is that for a remodeling business to consistently provide organized and high-level service to clients, it needs to maintain a margin of about 40% or higher in specialty remodeling. We have built our financial models and business systems around this general truth of the industry — that to provide a service that customers will love, you need to have enough margins to support a great team and excellent operations.

Of course, the way you achieve strong margins is important, because customers want to know they’re getting a fair value. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen owners are able to achieve strong profit margins thanks to a combination of preferred vendor relationships and group buying power, which drives down material costs, and sophisticated business systems that vastly improve the efficiency of the business. The same business systems that make the business more efficient also enable a DreamMaker owner to have more time outside of the business for their faith, their family, their community and their hobbies.

How a DreamMaker home improvement franchise improves businesses and lives

Many remodeling businesses rely on the owner being able to answer every question and be involved in every step of each remodeling project that the business tackles. That’s why it’s not unusual for a remodeler to work 60-, 70-, even 80-hour weeks handling sales, ordering, construction, marketing and customer service as well as accounting for the business. DreamMaker has systemized the various tasks that go into running a top-rated remodeling firm, which allows owners to hire strong employees who can follow the systems to succeed. DreamMaker provides a roadmap for both a home improvement franchise owner and his or her employees.

DreamMaker’s systems form a template that new remodeling business owners can use to build a strong operation from the ground-up, and it’s also a template that has helped existing remodelers improve.

Tracy Moore and Erik Anderson are good examples. Along with quality work, the pair built the revenue at their business, Anderson-Moore Buildings, high enough to earn recognition on Remodeling magazine’s  Big50 remodelers list and earned the right to be featured on the cover of the magazine. They were initially drawn to DreamMaker by the possibility of adding kitchen and bath remodeling to their services. As they learned more, the systems became just as appealing.

“We weren’t doing bad by any means, but we wanted to do a lot better,” Tracy says. “And what we were doing was taking every waking hour we had. Without help in this industry, you will be working 60 hours a week — at best. We wanted a way to be profitable and not have to work 80 hours a week. And we also wanted to get cabinets into what we were doing. It blossomed from there. For myself, I think the Lord told me personally, this is what you need to do.”

Dale Ressler

When the recession hit and the revenue stream dried up for Anderson-Moore, Tracy says their new DreamMaker franchise allowed them to keep doing business. As the economy has improved and remodeling has begun what is expected to be a long rebound, he says that the difference in the two businesses is dramatic.

“The way we do business, the whole process, it’s all different. It’s not anything close to how most remodelers operate,” he says. Though his DreamMaker’s revenue at the end of 2013 was about half of what his previous business was doing before the recession, he says he and Erik are earning as much profit, maybe more, than they did before the recession.

“There are a lot of little things you can do to improve your bottom line,” he says, and DreamMaker has helped find them.

Why now is a great time for a home improvement franchise

The home improvement and repair industry fared much better than overall housing market during the Great Recession, and is enjoying a faster rebound. The Joint Center for Housing Studies and Harvard University reports that remodeling spending was back near $300 billion by 2013 and could easily set a new record this year. Much of the growth is fuel by Baby Boomers, who are remodeling their homes to make them comfortable, stylish and more enjoyable for retirement. The Baby Boom generation is 76 million strong, and will continue to drive demand — especially for skilled remodeling businesses that offer great design, craftsmanship and customer service.

Long-term housing trends also point to a bright future for remodelers. You’ll find more on our “How Big is the Remodeling Industry?” page. Please take some time to examine the research, to understand our culture and to read about our franchise partners as you consider whether DreamMaker would be a good fit for you. We hope to talk to you soon!

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