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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Remodeling & Design Opens Door to Experienced Carpenters

H.I.R.E. program is creating bath and kitchen remodeling & design entrepreneurs out of experienced individuals within the construction industry

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen President Doug Dwyer speaks to a group of remodeling franchise owners at the annual DreamMaker Reunion.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen President Doug Dwyer speaks to a group of remodeling franchise owners at the annual DreamMaker Team Conference.

A key part of DreamMaker remodeling franchise’s Code of Values is our belief in the untapped potential of every human being. Helping experienced people from the DreamMaker family achieve their potential as entrepreneurs also fulfills our mission, and we’re showing our commitment to this ideal by offering them a greater and more motivating return on their hard work.

We know many carpenters, sales people and managers in a remodeling/design business seek to move ahead in the industry by gaining experience through long hours over many years, and we believe in helping those with the dream and desire to climb further in their vocation by creating for them an eventual path to DreamMaker ownership. With the introduction of our H.I.R.E.(Hiring Individuals, Recruiting Entrepreneurs) program, we’re doing just that. The H.I.R.E. program lets these experienced people or new starts to the industry work toward owning their own DreamMaker franchise through discounting the upfront franchise fee for faithful years of service.

“We want to help other people to fulfill and achieve their own potential,” says Doug Dwyer, President and Chief Stewarding Officer for the DreamMaker bath and kitchen remodeling franchise. “If people feel like there’s a ceiling, then they might leave a good job because they feel like they can’t go any higher. DreamMaker gives them the ability to move to the next level.”


DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life. Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers — and their customers report much, much higher satisfaction. DreamMaker’s business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect, and integrity — and are key to our success.

Creating future leaders for a growing bath and kitchen design franchise

DreamMaker’s H.I.R.E. program creates a rewarding reason for seasoned individuals to join our franchising company and to work with us toward a larger goal. The skills they’ve attained over the years are enhanced in apprenticeships with our franchisees who give them the tools and resources they need to succeed with their own DreamMaker franchise. These individuals often can open their new kitchen and bath remodeling & design franchises in their original hometowns, in cities they’ve always wanted to live in, or an area that is just a prime market. Existing franchisees benefit from H.I.R.E. because it attracts talented, entrepreneurial workers passionate about the industry and motivated to obtain even greater returns.

Without the path to future ownership with the incentive of a discount earned for years of faithful service they might has chosen a different career path then work for a DreamMaker franchise. This creates a win-win situation for all involved.

In addition, a lot of small remodeling company owners come to work for DreamMaker because the “business” side of their business was a struggle, Doug says. They didn’t have the systems, training and support in place to make their ventures a success. Often, they end up shutting down their own businesses and come to work for a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling & design franchise as a lead carpenter, salesperson, or production manager. When these former business owners team with our franchises, they do so with the assurance that they’ll receive the training and support they require, and they will have an opportunity if desired to once again pursue their own business as part of the DreamMaker family.

“You can come work for DreamMaker and not just become part of a great company and team,” Doug says. “Ultimately, those experienced in this business with an entrepreneurial spirit who join DreamMaker have the potential to achieve greater return with a solid compensation plan and the ability to earn a discount on owning their own franchise.  It is a double incentive that makes them more motivated and appreciative of the business structure that DreamMaker offers.”

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