DreamMaker is the Interior Design Franchise for the Most Important Rooms in the Home

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise can help interior designers launch design-build business

When people want to transform the look of their home, they start with their kitchens and bathrooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders. So one of the best investments for someone considering an interior design franchise may be a kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise.

Consider Lynn Monson. He and his wife, Sandy, have owned Monson Interior Design in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, since 1980. The couple have won numerous awards for their high-end kitchen and bathroom designs.

As their business and reputation grew, they started looking for ways to move to a design-build model so they could control the entire remodeling process for clients. That’s how they discovered DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

“We were frustrated that, as two interior designers, we had no buying power and we had no production capability. We relied on others to have our work carried out, and we realized that by controlling the entire process from beginning to end we could create a full-service experience for our customers,” Lynn says. “The idea of moving to a design-build model is what led us to DreamMaker.”

“(Customers) only have to deal with one company, one person — and we will handle everything for them,” he says. “It makes remodeling as painless as it possibly can be.”


A kitchen remodel transforms an entire floor for one of Lynn Monson’s clients.

There were a lot of extra benefits, he says:

The ‘Genius of the Group’: Being part of the DreamMaker remodeling franchise has given the Monsons access to other business owners who are willing to share ideas and help each other find ways to become more successful. Monson had networked with other designers and builders earlier in his career, but most of his peers were also competitors. When he shares ideas with DreamMaker owners, ideas and advice flow freely. “There’s no comparison between the two experiences,” he says.

Reaching more customers: DreamMaker’s group buying power, as well as the relationships the franchise has built with an array of vendors, has allowed the Monsons to serve a broader array of customers. “We were previously doing only very high-end custom work,” Lynn says. “DreamMaker allows us to bring in price points that fit more moderate price scenarios. We can also provide many more options for our clients and give them the most bang for their buck.”

Strong systems: DreamMaker offers extensive systems for handling a variety of interior remodels, and the systems are detailed and step-by-step. These include systems for building relationships with customers, marketing, sales and production.

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