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DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen vs. Handyman Connection franchise

DreamMaker owners provide full-service, high-quality remodels and enjoy strong profit margins

If you’re looking to start your own home improvement franchise or if you’d like to grow your existing remodeling business by converting it into a franchise, you’d be wise to explore all your options. One of the top contenders aside from our own brand is Handyman Connection franchise. You can find in-depth details about our opportunity on this site, but we know that side-by-side comparisons are very useful for you as you’re considering your options.

To that end, we’ve done some of the comparisons for you. Take a look at the numbers below.

DreamMaker vs. Handyman Connection franchise

 DreamMakerHandyman Connection
Franchising since19721993
Startup costs$133,350 to $321,225$99,860 to $155,980
Franchise fee$44,000$60,000
Net worth required$350,000$200,000
Liquidity required$135,000$100,000

Sources: DreamMaker Franchise Disclosure Document, Entrepreneur.com, Handyman Connection website

Generally speaking, Handyman Connection franchises are less expensive to start. That’s an important consideration — but it’s also important to examine what constitutes the startup costs. DreamMaker’s startup costs include money set aside to pay for marketing to help jumpstart customer acquisition; it includes money set aside to establish a Design Center, which serves as a valuable sales tool; and it includes a significant amount set aside for ongoing living expenses of the franchisee during the business ramp-up period. Our franchisee fee is actually smaller.

In addition to some of the more apparent differences between the two brands, Handyman Connection’s services tend toward “small to medium size residential and commercial renovations, repairs and remodeling jobs,” according to their website. DreamMaker® Bath & Kitchen, on the other hand, is more laser-focused on full-service, design-to-completion bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Our model is built so as your confidence and competency grows, you can choose to move into other interior remodeling projects such as foyers, bedrooms, basements, etc. Our goal from the beginning has been to help remodelers improve both their profit margins and their quality of life.

The DreamMaker advantage

One advantage to owning a DreamMaker franchise is the fact that you’ll have more to offer your clients. Unlike a lot of other remodeling franchises that focus on covering or resurfacing existing fixtures, DreamMaker franchisees offer full-service kitchen and bath remodeling.

And, while many franchises offer limited choices to homeowners by offering only their own products, DreamMaker offers more. With a DreamMaker franchise, you can offer a number of top-quality brands to ensure your clients are satisfied, and you’ll have access to lower-cost materials from our established vendor relationships, helping increase your profit margins.

All of that helps you increase your revenue potential, by creating greater possibilities for repeat business from satisfied clients. It’s a formula that’s worked well for our current owners – in 2017, DreamMaker’s average gross sales were $899,141, an increase of more than 80% since 2011.

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