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If you’ve been looking at ways to convert your existing remodeling business into a thriving franchise model, you may have come across the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise. It’s one of a handful of companies that helps remodelers maximize their potential by providing support, resources and enhanced purchasing power with suppliers. As you consider remodeling franchises, you should look closely at differences in business model, experience, and the culture of the brand. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has consistently won awards for franchisee satisfaction, so we hope you’ll consider us as you explore options. To help, we’ve done a head-to-head comparison for you on some of the main considerations of opening a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise vs. opening a DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen.

DreamMaker vs. Kitchen Tune-Up franchise

 DreamMakerKitchen Tune-Up
Franchising since19721988
Startup costs$133,350 to $321,225$71,900 to $105,150
Franchise fee$44,000$49,000
Net worth$350,000$100,000
Liquid capital$135,000$50,000

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One thing that’s sure to stand out is the difference in startup costs. Kitchen Tune-Up advertises much lower costs and financial requirements for starting their business. DreamMaker’s cost difference is driven by two factors, both of which we believe give franchisees a stronger platform:

  1. We include your cost of living in your startup costs. As new businesses build cash flow, it’s important for the owner to be able to maintain their living expenses. While, technically, these costs are for your daily living and are not strictly business costs, it can dramatically impact the business if the expenses are not accounted for. We don’t want anyone starting a new business from a cash-strapped position.
  2. We factor in money set aside to cover marketing costs. This includes money to advertise your new business as well as money to obtain and furnish commercial space for your business. While home-based setups can be a tempting cost-saver for remodelers, our experience shows that commercial space helps remodelers more predictably grow their businesses. We want you to be set up to thrive.

The DreamMaker advantage

One advantage to owning a DreamMaker franchise is the fact that you’ll have more to offer your clients. Unlike a lot of other remodeling franchises that focus on covering or resurfacing existing fixtures, DreamMaker franchisees offer full-service kitchen and bath remodeling.

And, while many franchises offer limited choices to homeowners by offering only their own products, DreamMaker offers more. With a DreamMaker franchise, you can offer a number of top-quality brands to ensure your clients are satisfied, and you’ll have access to lower-cost materials from our established vendor relationships, helping increase your profit margins.

All of that helps you increase your revenue potential, by creating greater possibilities for repeat business from satisfied clients. It’s a formula that’s worked well for our current owners – in 2017, DreamMaker’s average gross sales were $899,141, an increase of more than 80% since 2011.

A modern bathroom features an ottoman, sleek cabinetry, a shower and soaking tub, a chandelier and yellow ceiling.

DreamMaker does more than just kitchen remodels, offering franchise owners to increase revenue streams.

More services equal more opportunity

Kitchens are large, high-value projects, but they’re not updated as often as other rooms. The addition of bathroom remodeling services help expand your revenue options. They also offer another way to earn repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.

Whether you’ve got a remodeling business you want to convert or you’re an entrepreneur looking for a franchise opportunity with a lot of growth potential, DreamMaker could be what you’ve been searching for.

We offer extensive training that goes beyond the classroom, helping new franchisees simulate nearly every aspect of the business, including marketing and lead-generation, the sales process, financial management and more. That removes costly trial-and-error from your startup process and provides you with hands-on experience before you ever open your own DreamMaker franchise.

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