DreamMaker® remodeling franchise opportunities help you build a business you love

Our remodeling franchise opportunity helps entrepreneurs earn higher margins while doing what they love

DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen is a great fit for people who want to build something tangible, for both their clients and themselves. With our remodeling franchise opportunity, owners can build equity in a strong, sustainable business that helps clients find more satisfaction and quality of life in their homes.

A modern kitchen design with a tiled floor, circular chandeliers and a wooden island with a green marble countertop.

Our franchisees can take advantage of our systems and support to increase profit margins with our remodeling franchise opportunities.

Building an asset to be proud of

Our franchisees are proud of the work they do. It’s not just each remodel they perform, although there’s plenty of satisfaction to be had in creating a client’s dream kitchen or bathroom. The satisfaction also comes from utilizing our franchise systems to build a strong, sustainable business, one that provides long-term value in the community.

It also provides long-term value to our franchisees. More efficient systems and operations help them scale up and grow their franchise, developing a strong team to take on more jobs and earn more revenue. That builds more value and equity in the business itself, giving them an attractive asset to pass on to a family member or sell when they’re ready to retire or move on to a different industry or business opportunity.

Bigger scale can lead to higher margins

The potential for higher margins is one of the key advantages to opening a remodeling franchise with DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen. Our scale allows us to implement systems and a culture that benefit all of our franchisees, including things like marketing support, proprietary price estimation systems and support from both dedicated business coaches and our franchisee network.

“Being in the DreamMaker system, we’re taught these fundamental seeds of how to think about the business and how to approach the business, and we’re connecting with people that are doing the same thing, and that’s valuable,” says Lee Willwerth of DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen Ann Arbor. “It really makes a difference in getting you where you need to be in your business.”

A modern bathroom design, with dark wooden cabinets, a black curved sink and beige and slate-gray walls.

Our systems help franchisees grow and scale their businesses.

Do what you love and give clients something they love

One of the strongest benefits of owning a DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen franchise is a little less tangible, but no less important for it. Owning a business is about doing something you’re proud of. We work hard to help our franchisees build wealth while working toward their dreams.

Our franchisees love what they do and love what they’re able to provide to people in their communities. That love shines through in the level of service they provide, as evidenced by our franchisees’ award-winning client satisfaction ratings, repeat clients and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about the DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen remodeling franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report and start a conversation with us. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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