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How Do I Get Customers?

Tools from advertising templates to customer referrals help DreamMaker owners win new customers for their bath and kitchen renovation franchise

The DreamMaker remodeling franchise features Design Centers that franchisees use to educate homeowners about remodeling options.

The DreamMaker remodeling franchise features Design Centers that franchisees use to educate homeowners about remodeling options.

Effective marketing is key for a new business, and we help franchise owners design a plan to follow to get their business off to a great start, as well as help refining their marketing plan. Our marketing team has decades of combined experience and industry knowledge — providing you the expert guidance you need to make the best decisions and make the best use of your time and money.

Glen Borkowski

Glen Borkowski owned an independent remodeling business near Chicago before joining DreamMaker in 2008. Help with marketing was one of the major factors in his decision to join the franchise.

“I’m not a marketing specialist and I knew what it took for me, in time and energy, to constantly put together marketing ideas for my business, whether that was making print ads, hiring a photographer, finding a homeowner who would let me photograph their project, or putting together a direct mail piece. It was agonizing, and it’s not what I’m trained to do. It drained a lot of energy out of us,” he says.

“You know, we preach to prospective clients that you want to hire a professional because you’ll get a much better result. The same thing is true for marketing. DreamMaker has a marketing department with trained people who obviously will do a better job than me. They have created a wealth of different marketing pieces that we can access online, and with a couple of strokes of the keyboard, you can order custom pieces and have direct mail sent out.”

Tools for attracting customers

DreamMaker Kitchen Renovation Franchise Car
DreamMaker franchisees enjoy a variety of marketing resources, including:

  • A local website that works well on mobile devices. More and more customers are researching big-ticket items online, and few items are more “big ticket” than a major remodel. DreamMaker provides franchisees with a search-optimized local website featuring updated content. Importantly, the site is designed to work well on a variety of mobile devices, which is important since people are using smartphones and tablets for a growing amount of research.
  • Help with social media. Our market department can help provide you tips and content to power your social media efforts, which can be another inexpensive way to reach new customers who are looking for remodeling help.
  • DreamMaker Guild QualityGuildQuality ratings. The remodeling industry doesn’t have the best reputation overall. Building contractors rank between bankers and lawyers in terms of professions that people trust, which is one reason why referrals are so important for a remodeling business — homeowners look to their friends and families for recommendations, and they also look online to see what other people are saying. DreamMaker enjoys a top-tier recommendation rate, according to GuildQuality, which produces customer satisfaction surveys to help people find reputable remodelers, and customers can find a steady stream of DreamMaker testimonials online thanks to the service.
  • Consumer financing. DreamMaker franchisees are able to offer consumer financing through credit partnerships, enabling customers with good credit to afford the remodel they truly desire.
  • 12-month marketing plans. DreamMaker’s marketing department and business coaches will help you develop a 12-month marketing plan to make your business visible in your community, utilizing everything from home shows to advertisements, postcards, yard signs, door hangers and emails. We also help franchise owners analyze the ROI on their marketing spends and adjust their plan to get the highest return.
  • Ad templates. As Glen mentioned above, we have graphics and templates that are ready, proven, and that can be quickly customized and delivered to target audiences.
  • A wealth of ideas. Our marketing department can help you generate great ideas for inexpensive ways to market your business — and so can fellow franchise owners. Franchise owners share ideas regularly — it’s one of the major advantages of being part of a tight-knit business family.
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