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How Do You Finance a DreamMaker?

DreamMaker offers financing for franchise fee, assistance with other loans

DreamMaker Franchise Opportunity

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise owners have tapped a variety of financing sources over the years — conventional loans, SBA loans, retirement loans and home equity loans, as well as unconventional funding sources. If you have some assets and a good credit rating, or maybe a decent remodeling business, we can help you get the loans you need to start a DreamMaker or convert an existing business; and we can help you understand the pros and cons of each type of financing that may be available for you.

DreamMaker Bath FranchiseDreamMaker allows franchise owners to finance up to 70% of their franchise fee, if needed. Details of that financing package can be found in Item 10 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Here are some of the most popular options for financing right now:

Small Business Administration Loans: DreamMaker is part of the SBA Registry, a list of franchises that have had their Financial Disclosure Documents and operations vetted by the Small Business Administration. DreamMaker’s presence on the SBA Registry saves several steps in the SBA lending process for franchisees.

Tapping a 401(k) or IRA: A franchisee or a family member can tap into a 401(k) or IRA retirement savings to fund a business without facing financial penalties for early withdrawal — as long as they do it the right way. Tapping retirement funds requires a series of legal steps, including the creation of a C corporation and corporate retirement account and movement of corporate stocks. It has become a popular financing option since it allows you to, in effect, lend to yourself, allowing you to sidestep banks.

Home equity loans: You may be able to tap into the value of your home or other real estate investment property in order to finance your business. Thanks to the real estate recovery, this option is once again regaining popularity, since it is one of the least expensive ways to finance your business.

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