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“We spend a lot of time with other franchisees at the annual Reunion, building relationships and talking about what we are doing, how our sales numbers compare, and sharing ideas and strategies. We feel comfortable with anybody, and that’s a very positive thing.” — Steve Coombs, Ogden, UT

“DreamMaker offers unlimited upside, the ability to be your own boss, the ability to build a company. You could say that of some other franchises, too, but this concept, versus others, offers much more satisfaction — you’re not just making pizzas or sending packages. This is about more than just making money. There is a lot of gratification in seeing the results of your work.” — Steve Betts, Amarillo and Lubbock, TX

“When I was considering DreamMaker, I talked to a lot of their franchisees. Most of them had very similar backgrounds: They had a family business, or their parents had started it, and suddenly they decided to join a franchise. And my question was simple: Why do that? Why give some of your money away? One of the franchises I spoke to, he and his wife had won a number of design awards over the years and I asked them, ‘Why are you doing this?’ They were very forthcoming with information, and what the benefits were. And that was true of everyone I called.” — Glen Borkowski, Orland Park, IL

“The support from DreamMaker starts with (DreamMaker President) Doug Dwyer and his commitment to treating people right, and it just telegraphs down to everyone. I’ve never heard them say ‘no, I can’t help you with that.’ They are always willing to help and willing to spend time to help me. They are methodical, and they are very supportive. You become part of a family with them. They are interested in your life, not just your royalty fee.” — Ed Gribben, Stuart, FL

“DreamMaker has the feel of a family. Every year DreamMaker has a convention, which they call the Reunion, and the fact that they call it that gives a real insight into the mentality of the corporate team, which welcomes you warmly. There’s always a lot to talk about, and everybody has a chance to bond and discuss common issues. DreamMaker owners get to know each other on a personal level at Reunions and training sessions, and when you continue to meet with six of those people twice a year, you develop very good friendships.” — Steve Everett, Fredericksburg, VA

“The systems give anyone an opportunity to take hold and have success. You need to be interested in the business — it’s home improvement stuff, and I have an interest. You should have a passion for creating. There are so many ways you can design a kitchen. It baffles people sometimes when they come into a Design Center and they don’t realize there are that many types of countertop materials, cabinet door styles, wood species, finishes. It’s great to see the level of enthusiasm your customers express when they see all the opportunities that are there. It is an exciting place to be part of that process.” — Steve Coombs, Ogden, UT, who was an architect before starting his DreamMaker with Brad Stevens

“Before DreamMaker, I ran my business more like an old-school carpenter, with everything done by hand. I was like a guy with a toolbox full of hand tools. With DreamMaker, I’m the same carpenter, but now I have a whole garage full of power tools. That’s how I feel about my business. There are so many tools within the DreamMaker system — so many things that have helped the way I do business. It has transformed me from a company that was barely operating paycheck to paycheck, to now being a company with profitability.” — Steve Miller, Mansfield, OH

“For myself, I think the Lord told me personally, this is what you need to do. And the timing was very fortuitous. I felt something coming — we all felt something coming, and when the recession hit, our revenue faucet basically turned off in September 2008. We started our DreamMaker in January 2009. We went from having 19 employees to having five, and if not for DreamMaker, I don’t believe we would have made it. We had people to bounce ideas off of and to provide mentoring, and that’s why we’re still in business.” — Tracy Moore, Winston-Salem, NC

“There are a lot of remodelers just working out of a truck who can do the work, but the experience we give the customer sets us apart. We do really good, quality work, but the process and relationship we build with clients is what sets us apart.” — Dale Ressler, Elizabethtown, PA

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