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There Are 7 Qualities We Look for in a Kitchen and Bath Franchise Partner

DreamMaker Kitchen Franchise Owner

Bob Ender

Bob Ender came to DreamMaker after having spent years as an automobile industry executive. When he joined DreamMaker, he had younger children and wanted to travel less and stay closer to home. As someone who ran a remodeling business in college, he made for an excellent DreamMaker candidate. He has now co-owned a franchise in Ann Arbor, MI, with his friend Lee Willwerth, a former software engineer, for more than seven years.

“Since partnering with DreamMaker, I’ve definitely been blessed with the growth of a very successful business,” Ender says. “As far as work-life balance goes, that’s been re-established from something I didn’t have in the corporate world. We’ve definitely taken more family vacations than I did when I was in the corporate world.”

“My wife and I are just generally happy with our decision,” he adds.

DreamMaker is happy, too. We work hard through our conversations with franchise candidates to make sure that we will be able to help deliver the goals you have for your life and business, and that you will be a good fit for our culture and systems. Great partnerships are a blessing, and these are the seven things we look for when we evaluate a potential DreamMaker owner:

Kitchen and Bath Franchise Owners

Brenda and Lee Willwerth

• Drive. You must be motivated to succeed. DreamMaker can provide you with well-crafted systems, but it will be up to you to build your business. We’re here to help, but the fire to succeed still needs to come from you.

• Heart. We want people who value others enough not to trample them in their rush to success. We look for people who want to build a better community, and who want to succeed by helping others — employees, customers and their community.

• Focus. Businesses have many moving parts, and it’s important to set goals and use benchmarks to help you achieve.

• Coachability. Entrepreneurs often seek new and novel ways of tackling business challenges. We respect that, and the problem-solving skills of franchisees have helped DreamMaker flourish — but at the same time, it’s important to be able to step back, absorb and implement the lessons that DreamMaker has already learned and is eager to pass on.

• Willingness to follow systems. DreamMaker’s systems have been honed for decades to help you achieve success. There is no need to reinvent the wheel — it only delays success.

• Values. We look for people who have integrity, respect others and are focused on improving lives for others. Our Code of Values™ is foundational to DreamMaker’s culture.

• Support at home. We want to make sure your spouse or loved ones are behind you so that you will have the support you need as you start and begin to grow your business.

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