Why industrial design job seekers should consider remodeling

Remodeling combines art, business and engineering to enhance lives

Why should someone looking for an industrial design job consider entrepreneurship instead? Just ask Brent Bailey. He spent two decades as an industrial designer for Viking Range, where he designed some of the best-loved ovens and stovetops in the appliance industry and moved up the ranks to oversee a team of industrial designers.

Brent and Family - DreamMaker franchise

Brent Bailey and family: Sue, Abby and Maddy

“Designers are responsible for orchestrating and designing every little surface you touch and see. There’s an affinity between industrial design and remodeling,” he says. “I just enjoy the process of problem-solving and building things.”

Bailey joined the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise family in 2016. His franchise will serve the Huntsville and Madison areas in Alabama. While he cherished his career at Viking, the company was sold a few years ago and made several changes.

“We functioned as well — or even better — than previous years, despite being on a shoestring budget and having a staff that was almost cut in half,” he says. “I was awarded promotions, and I was compensated well. I was proud of what we did, and I maintained great relationships.”

But, “I woke up one day and realized I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. I thought, ‘I’m crunching numbers; I’m not being creative; and I’m not having the impact I want to have.”

DreamMaker Franchise - Kitchen with Island

A new outlet for creativity

For people who are accustomed to the creative problem-solving challenge that industrial design jobs can provide, a professional remodeling franchise can be a great creative outlet that also allows you to build your own business.

DreamMaker helps new and existing remodelers master the remodeling industry by providing proven systems for managing projects, marketing, sales and creating accurate price estimates to help franchise owners maintain strong margins in their business. While we have helped existing remodelers generate stronger results by converting their businesses to our franchise system, some of our strongest franchisees have actually come from outside the remodeling industry — from backgrounds such as design, programming and automotive engineering.

Some of the keys to success are people skills, management experience and a desire to serve customers by understanding their needs and their tastes, then designing solutions that bring aesthetic joy as well as smart functionality to their homes.

DreamMaker Frankchise - Kitchen with Marble

Enhancing lives, improving homes

The other key to our success is an outstanding family of franchisees who are committed to running great businesses that strive for excellence and to make a positive impact in the community. Our business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect and integrity — and they are crucial to our success.

Our Code of Values™ is deeply embedded in our culture. We read them and share stories related to our values whenever three or more team members have a meeting. We present them to customers, and ask to be held accountable to them. They shape the way we do business, and shape the relationships we form with our customers and with one another.

DreamMaker Franchise - Kitchen Peace Love Happiness

Is DreamMaker right for you?

We work hard through our conversations with franchise candidates to make sure we will be able to help you achieve the goals you have for your life and business, and that you will be a good fit for our culture and systems. Great partnerships are a blessing, and these are the seven things we look for when we evaluate a potential DreamMaker owner:

Drive. You must be motivated to succeed. DreamMaker can provide you with well-crafted systems, but it will be up to you to build your business.

Heart. We want people who value others enough not to trample them in their rush to success. We look for people who want to build a better community, and who want to succeed by helping others — employees, customers and their community.

Focus. Businesses have many moving parts, and it’s important to set goals and use benchmarks to help you achieve.

Smarts & Coachability. Entrepreneurs often seek novel ways of tackling business challenges. We respect that, and the problem-solving skills of franchisees have helped DreamMaker flourish — but at the same time, it’s important to be able to step back, absorb and implement the lessons that DreamMaker has already learned and is eager to pass on.

Willingness to follow systems. DreamMaker’s systems have been honed for more than a decade to help you achieve your goals.

Values. We look for people who have integrity, respect others and are focused on improving lives for others. Our Code of Values™ is foundational to DreamMaker’s culture.

Support at home. We want to make sure your loved ones are behind you so you will have the support you need as you start and begin to grow your business.

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